How to Get Your Mind in Order

When you struggle to balance your best intentions with the things that hold you back, it's hard to reach your goals. Getting your mind in order can help bring calm, prosperity and joy back into your life. There's no single path to success, but having a framework to work from can be very helpful. 

Take Great Care of Your Mind

Here's the framework I use to check in with myself to make sure my mind is active, focused, and highly curious.

Leverage Your Curiosity

  • Find things you’re curious about
  • Follow the path of your curiosity
  • Allow yourself time to explore new things (while keeping your mission in mind)

Always Keep Learning

  • Seek out something new to learn every day
  • Require yourself to get good at something you’re not good at now
  • Focus completely for a part of every day


  • Learn one, do one, share one (or teach one)
  • Collaborate with others who push you
  • Mentor someone 

Build Discipline in Your Thought Patterns

  • Figure out which thought patterns help you live a productive, bold life
  • Practice those habits intentionally, on a schedule
  • Celebrate your successes in disciplined thinking

Practice "Flow"

  • Get and read FLOW, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • Pay attention to your two key thresholds – boredom and overwhelm
  • Play in your optimal zone while always increasing your upper threshold

Reading FLOW and applying to my own pursuits was life-changing for me. Intentionally staying “in the zone” is not always easy, but when I get it right, work is amazing and almost embarrassingly fun. Seriously, grab that book (or a good summary of it) and figure out where your optimal experience lies.  

I rarely coach individuals outside of martial arts, but when someone comes to me for serious advice on how to get to the next level, I walk them through a framework like this. The impact of an honest hour or two working on this framework can be powerful. Making it part of your daily routine can be life changing! Are you ready to take your own life to the next level?

As you know, I believe in the transformative power of immersive experience. Read more about my day-long PERMISSION event and keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates. This could be the key to getting your life in order, or making it spectacular!

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