Do You Ever Struggle to Live Up to Your Potential?

Do you ever suffer from self-doubt? 

Does fear ever stop you from doing the things you want to do? 

Do you ever have trouble executing on your best ideas?

"Permission is life changing ... actually life changing!"

  • Permission III - Is this the year you take the LEAP into a spectacular life?
  • Saturday, February 29, 2020 - 8:30am - 8:30pm
  • Cahoots Event Space - 260 E. Huron Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

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Resolve Your Self-Doubt!

In my role as a coach and mentor, I’ve gotten really curious about “inside stuff” – inner questions and doubts that keep talented people from reaching their potential. A lot of smart, thoughtful people aren’t as healthy, bold, or joyful as they'd like to be. Some don't dream big because of their "inside stuff." They have trouble believing in themselves. They’re not as successful as they could be. They aren't living the rich, full life they deserve. 

Get Help with Your "Inside Stuff"!

I’ve grappled with these feelings myself. When my businesses struggle, I sometimes feel that I’m just not good enough. Even today, even when I know the tricks and tactics for success, my inside voice sometimes asks, "do I have what it takes?" or "do I deserve this success?" So I’ve studied how to give myself permission to live into my potential. What I've learned can help you give yourself permission to thrive. 

Listen, great outcomes require great effort. That’s not going away - every project, every career, every relationship has “outside stuff” – planning, resources, hard work and focus. But – and it amazes me every time I see it – when you solve your inside stuff, a lot of the outside stuff seems to just melt away. Work gets done at a higher level and life is a lot more fun!

Permission is an immersive 12-hour event. You spell out your dreams and goals, identify obstacles in your way - both external and internal - and get clarity on how to get past those obstacles to move toward your vision.The world approves of your dreams and what you want to achieve. You’ll get powerful support for your vision of an authentic, fulfilling life. You'll get frameworks for health and achievement.

But the deep purpose of PERMISSION is for you to sort out your inside stuff – where you don’t feel you have permission to thrive, to be alone, to love yourself, to ask more from your partner, to leave your job, to compete at a high level, or to go out and live your true purpose. Getting those things dialed in with energy and joy is an incredible feeling and it could change your life!

Our Next Permission Event

  • Learn how to get energized and ready to work with joy.
  • Learn how to calm down and get deeply introspective when you need to.
  • Learn frameworks for figuring out your outside stuff AND your inside stuff
  • Learn how to set yourself up to make meaningful, lasting personal change. 
  • Learn that not only do the people in the room want you to succeed, the world wants you to succeed as well.

I’m going to ask a lot from you. You’ll commit to a day of energy and focus. You’ll bring your most positive and joyful self and support everyone around you. You’ll share personal stuff about your hopes, dreams and obstacles. If that seems scary, don’t worry - everybody in the room will support you! 

It's going to be an amazing day that could change the way you view your world. I can't wait to share the experience with you! 

Learn more about this powerful experience!

Register for Permission III - Take the LEAP today! > > >

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