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For over three decades, thousands of people have become more centered, happier, and more successful with Nick’s guidance. He has been called “one of the leading martial arts instructors in North America,” but his influence radiates far beyond the dojo. He has made it his life’s mission to learn the fundamental principles of success in many different fields, apply them, and share them with people. 

Author of ten books, including THE FLYWHEEL, LOOK UP! and BUDO MIND AND BODY (named “Essential Gear” by Black Belt Magazine), Nick has helped transform professionals, business owners, athletes, martial artists, and ordinary people with his presentations, group training and coaching. His book PRACTICE DRILLS FOR JAPANESE SWORDSMANSHIP spent many weeks as the #1 selling title in the Fencing Books category on Amazon.

Nick owns all or part of successful businesses in diverse fields like martial arts, marketing, publishing and law. He has been honored by the University of Michigan–Dearborn as “Mentor of the Year”; by the Bluewater Chamber of Commerce’s Business Expo for advancing entrepreneurship; and by the International Martial Arts Federation for supporting traditional Japanese budo. He and his work have been featured in a wide range of publications, including Black Belt Magazine, The ANN Magazine, and the Journal of Asian Martial Arts. 

He’s taught self-defense and empowerment to hundreds of men, women, girls and boys. Nick and his teams have a commitment to support worthwhile causes – it’s an essential part of their mission. They’ve donated to dozens of organizations in the past decade, including Fisher House of Michigan, Boy Scouts of America, Alzheimer’s Association, SafeHouse of Ann Arbor, Center for Independent Living, and Wounded Warrior Project. 

Praise from people who have worked with Nick

“I want to thank you so very much for being a wonderful and generous teacher. The lessons I've learned will be useful in my life well beyond the mats.– Tiffanie A.

My wife and I thank you. Your class was very spiritually uplifting. The meditating at the end of class was a breakthrough for me, I've never been able to clear my mind that way.” – Steve M. 

Nick’s team “assisted our Global Sales Team by increasing our number of customer inquiries, leads, and sales.”– Louise O.

Nick’s company “got me to the top of page one on Google.”– Matt K.

“In a digital world, finding the right company is a must. Let Nick and his team help you increase your business opportunities. They are experts in marketing and will take you to the top!”– Steve M. 

How Can Nick Serve You?

Nick's latest event – featured here – is PERMISSION. The purpose of PERMISSION is to help you sort out your inside stuff – where you don’t feel you have permission to thrive, to be alone, to love yourself, to ask more from your partner, to leave your job, to compete at a high level, or to go out and live your true purpose. Getting those things dialed in with energy and joy is an incredible feeling, and it could change your life!

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Nick's latest inspirational book is Look Up! It features a very simple idea – that you (yes, you!) can do better. You can be happier, more effective, better at work, healthier and more vibrant. And one way to get started is to look up to other people who are just a bit further along the path than you are, while avoiding the trap of negativity that's stifling the world right now.

Nick says, "That approach helped change my life, and I believe it can help change yours."

"I’d be very grateful if you’d read my book. It’s available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle. If you find it helpful (or if you just want to get a few suggestions and more inspiration), please consider signing up for my eNewsletter as well. I promise to never share your information with anyone, and to always do my best to provide you with helpful ideas with a minimum of salesmanship."

"If you have stories of struggle and triumph, I'd love to hear from you. I can’t respond to everybody, but I’ll always do my best to read your words and try to share the lessons with my audience."

"And whatever happens, I wish you every success!"

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