The Big Lift

This is the story of my Big Lift days. It was an epic period of growth. And by growth, I mean superhuman strength and monster muscle. I'll never forget lifting stacks and stacks of steel, bursting out of my clothes and stomping around North America like a real life, vertically challenged Hulk.

I'm five feet six inches tall. I played judo as a kid and competed in gymnastics in high school, where I was part of a couple of state championship teams and won one state championship medal on the still rings. As an adult, Iíve earned high level black belts in six Japanese martial arts. However, until I turned 32 years old I had never weighed more than 145 pounds, nor had I ever squatted or benched more than 165 pounds. The Big Lift changed all that.

The Big Lift By Nicklaus Suino


by Nicklaus Suino

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